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Rupam Islam (12K)Make Way for Rock!

For a long time, India could not boast of its own rock. Oh, there were 'rock' bands that seemed to fizzle out almost as soon as they made headlines. It is in this rocky world (pardon the pun) that Rupam Islam has established himself as one of the most enduring and popular figures in Bengali Rock. Fossils, the Bangla band in which he is the lead singer and for which he also composes and writes lyrics, has thrived under Rupam.

After rocking the world with Fossils, Rupam Islam will be making his debut in Mukesh Bhatt's film Jannat. Although music composer Pritam had asked him to sing for Metro earlier, Rupam had refused since it would have meant leaving his beloved Fossils. Nothing, he reveals, will make him leave Fossils which has been his inspiration. Eventually, though, the song 'Jannat Jahan' happened and Rupam has made his debut as playback singer in a Hindi film.

Incidentally, this is the first hard rock number that you will get to hear in a Bollywood film. The song was re-recorded in Bengali because the response to the Hindi version was overwhelming and Rupam was requested by Mukesh Bhatt, the producer of Jannat, to record the Bengali version. The lyrics were written by Rupam as well.


Rupam Islam_1 (12K)The number is very special to Rupam because it revolves around the theme that money is everything - a negative theme, no doubt, but one that attracts the rocker, who once wrote a song about how stepping into one's teens means having to decide whether to become a murderer or thief. Rupam says that, unfortunately, that is today's philosophy and money is most important. No one seems to care how it is earned, though. The bonus was that he got to act in the video of the song too. He is grateful to his fans for their support to him since the day he publicly performed with Fossils. The first Bengali song to be featured in a Hindi film promo, it should soon be seen by millions across the country.

Will the dedicated rocker now turn to Bollywood playback singing? After all, it means big fame and money. Without any hesitation, he responds that Fossils will continue to remain his top priority but he would love to sing for Bollywood if he gets the time and opportunity. Being a Bengali, he has already sung in Bengali films like Chalo Let's Go, Kanchan Babu, Piyalir Password and Jiyo Kaka. Bollywood, though, took its time to embrace the singer-composer-lyricist until Pritam approachedhim. Rupam, who is working on his next Fossils album for a Puja release, is refreshingly different in a world that runs after money and revolves around nothing but money. Just like the lyrics in one of his songs. Apparently, his real-life philosophy does not reflect his reel-life one.

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Viewer(s) Comments
From, Bangladesh. Sir, ami apnar gan khub ee pochondo kori. Apnar expression oo. Amar kache Rupo
m Islam mane ek UNNMADONA....sorry sir, extreme UNNMADONA.
Dipak Halder 6/18/2015 5:24:11 AM
hi rupam da.. Kamn acho? Tmr ami khub boro fan tmr gan amr vlo lage fossils 4 band r "sono tumi
ki amr hobe"gan ta amr asmvov vlo lage..
tanaya ganguly 4/8/2014 3:47:31 PM
Kalyani concert just owsome... Next year ar jonno wait kra thkbo.... Joy rockk..
Sani chakraborty 1/13/2014 7:17:07 AM
rupom da chaliya jao, amra tomar pase achi... joy rock
wasiur rahaman 1/17/2013 2:42:55 PM
rupam da valo to?????
Joideep Adhikari 8/20/2012 1:07:14 AM
rupam da tmar ka6e akta reqest j 2mi kokhono fossils 6erona ar amader akta band a6e jeta tmari akta
ganer name diei kore6i "nishkromon" ar p-lease tmar next programe kbe please bol ..........gd mrng
and eid mubarak
Joideep Adhikari 8/20/2012 1:06:20 AM
Rupam da ak matro tumi jar sathe amar vabna 60%mach kore.joy Rock
Deep ghosh 6/13/2012 12:01:11 PM
I like you song.
Hillol barman 1/27/2012 2:20:33 PM
Rupam da ami tomar sabkota albm er gan sunechi, prothom jedin tomar gaan sunechi ami tomar baro fan
hoye gechi, ebong tomar protita albm er jonno khub agroho thake , amaro Rockstar howar khub icche...
. vlo theko....& nxt albm guli khub taratari rlse koro...!!
Hillol barman 1/27/2012 2:19:08 PM
dada schoola voy patam R yakhon ...................................................................
sumandey 1/23/2012 3:33:25 PM
Hah, Italy protesters rally against Berlusconi
Luke Guthrie 1/6/2012 7:01:15 PM
Rupam da tumi aro koiekta mane onekgulo hindi gan koro.. .tumi international singer er morjada pabe
eta ami chai r aro rock gan koro....ami o tomar moto rockstar hote chai ....ki kore hobo parle janie
Toton haldar 11/29/2011 12:06:06 PM
I like your everything .specially yuor lyrics.its so much realistic.best of luck....
redlog bonam 9/26/2011 9:07:15 AM
i'm happy i Good felinge
dilawar hussan 9/4/2011 11:21:52 AM
Rupam da amra fossils theke impres hoye ekta band toire korechi. Joy rock enjoy rock
Tanmoy 3/26/2011 8:02:55 AM
kartick 3/24/2011 9:13:46 AM
Rupam is a true rockstar and good lyricist,different from others,i wish him great future
Chansuma 3/21/2011 12:23:14 PM
Rupam da you are Rock of bengal.
Deep 1/18/2011 3:18:10 AM
Happy new year. Rupom da ami chai tomar gaan gulor aro video chai.abong bollywood a aro playback kor
o. Na hanyate te 'KISORI' gaan ti akghor.joy rock
Safikur kolkata 12/31/2010 11:37:16 PM
Rupom da tomar protita gaan tn amar valo lagai, kintu tumi firends fm a 'RUPOM On The ROCKS' show ko
rte seta ami suntam. Tomar kotha amar jeboner manetai bodle diyache. 19-20 potrikai tomar kalam o am
i niyomito portam.DADAGIRI te onekdin pore tomake dekhlam.joy rock
12/31/2010 8:38:11 AM
Rupom islam and all fosils fan i wish all of you a very HAPPY NEW YEAR.
Safikur 12/31/2010 8:18:19 AM
I love you Rupam. Carry on...........
Tanmoy Das 11/13/2010 3:50:54 PM
Rupom da prothoma subho bijoyar pronam janai.Tomar sove kota gane amar valo laga, "Ami tomar chokhar
kalo chai" amar favourite song. Dada tomar lakhonir modha ekta ononota / jadu acha ja jkono manush
k attract kora.
chintu acharjee 10/29/2010 4:21:40 AM
Dada ebarer Na Hanayte r Autograph e te fatie diecho .. It's a one of the greatest album . You r in
rock .
Soumyodip biswas 10/14/2010 7:09:43 AM
i like your song
mahamud sohag 7/28/2010 10:13:35 AM
Hi Rupom da I m pretty crazy about your band"FOSSILS".You are so terrific when you in the stage.i ha
ve the all collection of your band.rock the world.
Arka Ghosh 5/21/2010 12:14:27 PM
Rupam da u r great. Tumi sob performence rocking koro. Bises kore f-3 te fire cholo song ta amar k
hub valo legeche. R siuri engg. cllg e ebar mane 26th june 2010 fatafati performence korecho. Ami
tomar vison fan. Tomar sob gan sune sune amar memorised hoa geche. R tomar oi kotha ta amar khub v
alo legechilo.mane acid gan ta korar age tumi bole chile fossils jekhane jai sekhane pore thake ektu
khani acid.
Abir Mandal 5/21/2010 12:00:34 PM
d first indian rockstar...
anirban 4/3/2010 1:37:18 PM
Dada tomar voice and singing style amar khub valo lage.Kintu Fossils 3 er 2to song chara bakigulo
thik jomlona.
Arka 3/24/2010 6:11:38 AM
The only Original Rockstar in India
sg 2/27/2010 7:17:52 AM
sir,i am a great fan of your songs as well as ur albums.at present i want to contact with u for orga
niging a college function.please help me.my mob. no. is-9231521793
Subhadeep Sen 2/21/2010 6:09:53 AM
fossils is my best rock band jst luv ittttttttttttttt...................
DEV 12/6/2009 10:21:26 AM
SHUBHANKAR SAHA(PUCH 11/23/2009 11:36:24 AM
rupam da u r an inspiration for the young generation. i have listened and enjoyed each and every son
g of yours specially EKLA GHOR AAMAR DES
Shubhobid 10/22/2009 8:12:09 AM
Bumpy dar songe tomar j album chilo seta o khub bhalo legeche, bises kore BHUL gaan ta, Bangla ROCK
er JOY hok!
Aloke Nath Rajak 10/17/2009 2:23:03 AM
Rupam da tomar band er sob gaan amar bhalo lage bises kore EKLA GHAR
Aloke Nath Rajak 10/17/2009 2:19:16 AM
rupom daa shunlam fossils3 beriegache market eeee ami hyd te thaki tai ami gaan gulo shuntepar
rohit 9/10/2009 12:18:25 AM
rupom daa tomar moton band singer atopojjonto ami dekhinni tumi shob bander prerona i love
u very much fossils3 teo asha korchi gaan gulo bapok hobe
rohit 9/4/2009 10:10:51 AM
Rupam da u r my idel.your all song is to good.I want your wallpaper & for nokia6681 theme to your we
bsite.Best of luck.
Mrinmoy Saha 7/26/2009 6:46:35 AM
roopam bhai will meet & rock together shibbu
4/18/2009 2:27:12 PM
KONAL KAR 4/6/2009 3:04:55 AM
Rupam Islam
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